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Eternal Keepsake

Cylinder Cremation Keychain - urn locket for human ashes and pet ashes - black cremation keychain - men’s jewelry - memorial urn jewelry

Cylinder Cremation Keychain - urn locket for human ashes and pet ashes - black cremation keychain - men’s jewelry - memorial urn jewelry

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Introducing our Stainless Steel Black Cylinder Cremation Keychain, a beautiful and discreet way to carry your loved one's ashes with you at all times. This unique urn locket is designed to hold a small portion of human or pet cremation ashes, allowing you to keep their memory close to your heart wherever you go.

Crafted with care and made from high-quality stainless steel, this keychain is not only durable but also elegant in its sleek black finish. The cylindrical shape adds a touch of modernity, making it a tasteful piece of memorial jewelry suitable for any occasion.

The secure screw-top lid ensures that the ashes will remain securely enclosed, giving you peace of mind knowing your loved one's remains are protected. The small and discreet design makes it easy to keep with you on your keychain or attach it to a bag or necklace as a pendant, allowing you to carry this special keepsake wherever you may be.

Our cremation keychain is not only a personal memento but also a beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one. It offers a sense of comfort, providing a physical connection to their memory and keeping them always close to your heart. It serves as a tangible reminder of the love and cherished moments you shared, helping you find solace during times of grief and beyond.

Whether it be a beloved family member, a cherished pet, or a dear friend, this memorial urn jewelry serves as a lasting tribute to those who have left us. It allows you to carry their memory with you in a discreet and stylish manner, providing solace and comfort during times of remembrance.

Choose our Stainless Steel Black Cylinder Cremation Keychain to honor and treasure the memories of your loved ones. Let this beautiful piece serve as a constant reminder of their presence, love, and the impact they had on your life.

Style: Memorial Keepsake Necklace

Product description: Includes pendant, chain, elegant velvet bag with filling kit

Material: High grade black stainless steel

Measurements: Pendant measures 37mm*9mm

Chamber Volume: Inside space 35*3mm

Chain: O-chain measures approximately 20-inch length, adjustable length chain, can be changed to fit length as you would like

Screw: Located on top of Pendant, airtight, unscrew open and close to secure contents

Weight: .06oz


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